About the Training

Our Spiritual Development and Ministry Training is a dynamic reflection of the contemporary world. As an organisation, we acknowledge the myriad challenges currently facing humanity. Over the course of 25 years, we have evolved and diversified our training offerings to guide open-hearted adults towards inner leadership development.

Our Ministry training draws from the wisdom traditions that abound in the world’s numerous faith paths, examining the role of spiritual accompaniment, sacred activism, ritual, and ceremony in the modern era. The curriculum is rooted in learning to nurture our inherent potential for reconciling our worldly experiences and applying these insights and skills for inner leadership cultivation.

Regrettably, the enrolment period for our 2023 training, which offered two meticulously designed training options — the Sylvan Path and the Aspen Path — has now concluded. The Sylvan Path represented our in-person pathway carried out through retreats, while our Aspen Path was an entirely online pathway facilitated via live weekly webinars. Both pathways lead to an ordination as an interfaith minister.

But don’t worry! We are pleased to inform you that our website will be updated shortly with information regarding our 2024 offerings. Meanwhile, as you browse through our training pages, it’s important to note that the details presented correspond to our 2023 training options – stay tuned for the upcoming updates!

We’re dedicated to the exploration of what it means to be human, and we welcome everyone with a call to deepen their comprehension and awareness of Self and Spirit. Whatever form your spiritual journey takes, we extend our arms to you in this space, hoping to foster your curiosity.

As always, with everything we do, questions are encouraged and all are welcome.

The Ground of Being

Our vision is of a world in which humanity awakens in an inclusive, global spirituality that encompasses us all in a field of love and life. Our mission is to work towards evolving consciousness in the world, by facilitating open-hearted people to awaken to inner leadership and their capacity for forgiveness, reconciliation and peacemaking. Our touchstones are inclusivity, compassion, authenticity, and spiritual transformation.


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