25 Years of OneSpirit Reflections

Nov 25, 2021

Dear OneSpirit Community,

Here we are 25 years on from the beginning of OneSpirit and what a delight it is to be a part of that time! Since the organisation began in 1996, we have witnessed 23 Ordinations and seen over 900 graduates of our school step into ministry, each making their own unique contribution to the world.

We have taken great joy in watching the community we are part of grow in numbers and strength, adapting and thriving through beautiful and challenging times. Our shared passion for OneSpirit’s purpose has sustained and supported us as a team, as we have weathered the challenges of the last two years with flexibility, adaptability, and great resilience to the demands of moving to a virtual space while maintaining the quality of education throughout.

As we celebrate these achievements, there is also a poignancy to this milestone, as three dearly cherished members of our team will be moving on in the coming months. It is with the greatest sadness that we prepare to say goodbye to Jackie, Lindsay and Rowan.

Jackie Amos Wilkinson embarks upon her retirement at the end of March. Jackie has been a part of this organisation since 2009, and in that time has been a tutor, a trustee, Faculty Lead, and most recently Director of Education and a member of the Executive team. Her influence on the organisation will continue to be felt for many years after she has left, her wisdom, innate kindness and generosity serving as an inspiration to all who have worked with her.

Rowan Bombadil has been with us as Information and Events Coordinator since 2017. Many of you will have been in communication with Rowan during that time as they responded to your queries, whether as a student or minister. What you may not know is the central role that Rowan has played in helping us plan, organise and stream successful ordination ceremonies during the pandemic. We cannot imagine how we would have managed without their calm presence and humour in the face of everything the universe could throw at us.

And last, but by no means least, dear Lindsay, who for so many is synonymous with OneSpirit. Lindsay Jarrett has been with OneSpirit since 2007 and will have touched the lives of so many of you during the last 14 years. Always ready to help, nothing has ever been too much trouble for Lindsay. Many of you will have first encountered her as you began your journey with us as prospective students, and will have felt the love, warmth and care with which she greets all who approach us in a spirit of enquiry. For so many years, she has been the beating heart of OneSpirit, and it is hard for any of us to imagine how OneSpirit’s work can continue without her holding the strings. We know that you will all join us in wishing her a well-deserved rest and a happy retirement by the sea.

As we move into our 26th year, we hold a strong and lasting gratitude for all those who have helped this organisation grow over the years. We especially want to thank each member of our community, for you hold a place in our very foundations. We are grateful for new students who bring new perspectives, and who challenge us to continue growing and developing. to each of you who have been with us – now holding a place in our very foundations. Together, we make a wonderful and unique space to be a part of.

With your support, we are looking forward with optimism and strong belief in our exciting future!

With best wishes,

~ Written by Onespirit’s Director of Operations, Alan Briscoe

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