Biodanza Classes with Claire Pierce

Feb 14, 2023

In August 2016 I attended a Summer Festival which had lots of taster workshops on offer. One of those workshops was Biodanza. At the time I knew nothing about Biodanza, only that it was dance related. I thought I would give it a try as I love dancing.  After my initial taste of Biodanza I became hooked; I was blown away by the love and connection in the room.  It was a life changing moment for me.  The music and the heart connections transported me into a different dimension. So, from there I embarked on the Biodanza training at the London School of Biodanza.

For many years, following my ordination as an Interfaith Minister in 2004, the main form of my ministry had been working in private practice as a Psychosynthesis Counsellor and Therapist. I combined this with organising and leading interfaith weddings and funerals, but was most drawn to spiritual and emotional counselling with individuals.  However, for a while I have wanted to work with groups so I could reach more people. Biodanza allows me to expand my ministry and my own spiritual path into this area. When I dance, I experience transcendence, connection with others and a feeling of love for the world and all those around me.

Rolando Toro, the creator of this amazing transformational dance system, wanted us to learn to co-exist, to dare to see the humanity and the beauty of the other.

Biodanza brings together so many of my passions; dance and movement, music and personal development and the joy of connecting with people. Biodanza has helped me to experience greater happiness, health and wellbeing, whilst having fun in the process. I am committed to helping others improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

So, what exactly is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a Spanish word meaning Dance of Life. It originated in South America and was created by Rolando Toro, a psychologist and anthropologist in the 1960’s and is now taught all over the world.

It is a system of personal development and human integration. A way to feel more joy in life and reduce stress through music, movement and connection. It’s not a performance and there are no steps to learn, so you can’t do it wrong.  You do not need a partner.

A class will consist of a variety of dance and movement exercises, all of which are explained and then demonstrated by the facilitator.  You will then be invited to dance in whatever way you feel inspired to by the music and the suggestions given.

There are rhythmic dances for physical well-being and vitality in the first part of the class and slow exercises which induce relaxation in the second half.  You will be invited to dance solo, or with another or with the group.  You will enjoy a vibrant mix of uplifting music, ranging from tribal drums, jazz, Latin, hip-swaying Samba to soothing classical, to name just a few.

Often, people arrive at the classes feeling tense and unsure that they are able to dance.  The introductory dances are playful and help break the ice and stimulate natural, spontaneous movements, with simple fluidity exercises to help us decelerate and flow with life.

Usually, we are running so fast we barely have time for each other or enough quiet time for ourselves. The frantic pace of life increases stress and distances us from our feelings. By focussing on the Biodanza movements, we are forced to stop the relentless pace of modern day living and set aside time for companionship, tenderness and authentic ways of communicating with others.

Regular participants report feelings of well-being, more joy and confidence in life, and improved health and relationships. Scientific research has shown that Biodanza changes our physiology. It regulates the nervous, hormonal, autoimmune system, stimulating every cell.  Not bad for just an hour and 15 mins dancing!

Practical things

We dance in bare feet which is more grounding for us. We also do not speak in class apart from the beginning of the class when there might be a brief sharing circle.  Not speaking allows us to come out of our heads and drop into our bodies and have a better experience of the class. We communicate with our bodies through the movements and the dances.

I would like to invite you to try and experience a Biodanza session with me. It’s a fantastic tool to help you live your life more fully and to experience the many benefits of a life well-lived, which truly brings out the best in each of us. I aim to make all who come feel at ease, so you are free to participate as much or as little as feels comfortable for you.  Everything is an invitation.

My Biodanza classes at the moment are monthly and are held at Kings Langley Community Centre, 10 mins Watford.  For more information, please email me:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first Biodanza class with Claire, who is an excellent teacher.  The atmosphere was warm and friendly, I loved the variety of music and dances and felt free being able to explore my own interpretation of each dance. I look forward to the next time! ” Janine

“It exceeded my expectations…. Magic happened” Amanda

I hope to dance with you soon.                                                         

Claire Pierce

Biodanza Facilitator & Teacher,

Herts & North London area

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