Capture Our Community

We need your help to bring our online presence to life!
As a cherished member of our community, you’ve been a part of memorable trainings, lively workshops, and inspiring events. These are moments that truly symbolize the essence of our organization – the people. But unfortunately, we recently noticed that we don’t have enough images chronicling these special moments.
To rectify this, we’re seeking your assistance. Here’s what we’re looking for:
– Images from Trainings
– Snapshots from Events
– Pictures from Meetups
– Photographs from Workshops
– Images from Courses
– Photos from your ministry
– Anything else you can think of that captures our community
These images will not only serve as a visual record of our journey together but also create a vibrant and relatable representation of our community to others.
Let’s Showcase Our Vibrant Community! Taking part is easy. If you have photos capturing unique moments from the above occasions that you’re comfortable sharing, please upload them here. These could potentially be featured across our online platforms such as our Facebook page, Instagram, and official website. Please ensure you’re okay with these images being used publicly before sharing! The photos will only be used to demonstrate the real people behind the name ‘OneSpirit.’
Together, let’s show the world the powerful, thriving community that is OneSpirit!