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Faith in Black Lives Matter


Faith in Black Lives Matter

Have you been wondering how you can support the Black Lives Matter movement? Would you like to learn more about why it matters? If so, this course is for you!

We invite you to join us for the next instalment of this popular series of workshops. During the workshops, you will explore what Black Lives Matter means to us as individuals, and how we can deepen our understanding in order to better connect with and support our communities. Asking ‘How can we respond, individually and collectively?’

The workshops will be led by OneSpirit ministers Revs Malaika and Sue Cockerill, who will share their own journey with Black Lives Matter. Malaika and Sue will be running the latest series of workshops in collaboration with Faith Network 4 Manchester.

Faith Network 4 Manchester is an interfaith forum working together to foster cohesion, understanding and harmony across Manchester. FN4M brings together people of different faiths to address issues of community cohesion and regeneration, addressing issues of common concern and promoting greater dialogue between faiths.

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“Very inspirational, shocking and shaming at times. A very important topic. I was inspired by Malaika’s and Sue’s commitment and dedication to this work, all that they’re doing and all that they’ve achieved so far.”

– Sylvia

Key Features

This workshop series is run in collaboration with Faith Network 4 Manchester.

You will have access to an online platform where preparation and reflection materials will be provided before and after each webinar.

In these four x 1.5 hour sessions, there will be an opportunity for reflection and prayer, to listen to human story books, group discussion to bring forward your thoughts, and ultimately working with healing and change and integrating anti-racism into ministry.

Key Dates

Tuesday 7th November 2023, 7:30-9:00pm
Tuesday 14th November 2023, 7:30-9:00pm
Tuesday 21st November 2023, 7:30-9:00pm
Tuesday 28th November 2023, 7:30-9:30pm

All sessions will be held online via zoom. We ask that those who sign-up commit to all four sessions to experience the full depth of development offered by the course.

The fee for this work shop series is £25, and the full fee will be donated onwards to Windush Defenders. This group was created at the height of the windrush scandal to support indivdiuals apply for legal documentation. They continue to work with and advocate for communities experiencing hostile immigration control.

“I was inspired by the honesty and openness of the facilitators. I am so glad I did this and the fact that I can’t say I enjoyed it is a compliment to the presenters. This is a meaningful course that offers the opportunity to change and behave differently but also to think and feel differently. I learned that it is important to stand up for the rights of others and not let things go because I’m embarrassed or unsure because this is the society, I live in.”


“What a task. To take Black Lives Matter and co-create a four-week introductory course with awareness of spiritual practice and love. To design it so that information and experience deepen as the weeks go on, with links in between, culminating in a sense that I’ve now arrived at a junction. I have been held and challenged by two women who worked so well together. I was inspired by the courage and compassion of both Malaika and Sue.”

– Lynne

Your Facilitators

Rev Malaika

“My own experience as a black British woman is driven by a desire to embrace our rainbow nation. I walk alongside people of all colours and creeds in an attempt to make the world a better place. I have faced racism in many forms and most recently at the hands of the police and it was this that spurred me to create a series of workshops through Faith Network where black professionals in the politics, faith settings, NHS, mental health, the police service, the armed forces, sport, and culture talked about their experience. They became human library books, lending their knowledge, experience, and life stories to bring a greater understanding of why Black Lives Matter is such an important movement. In these four sessions, we would like to share some of their stories and the learning we have gained from them.”

Sue Cockerill

“I have been on a journey with my black, brown, and white colleagues and friends here in Manchester and beyond to move, tentatively, from fear to love in addressing my role in racism. The journey had to start inside, looking at myself and will need to continue there. Exploring the white supremacist that lives in me and the privilege this has brought is where it had to begin. I also had to be prepared to take action in my own world, particularly my faith community. I know the way I have been perpetuating the suffering for my black and brown friends and colleagues and what needs to change. That is deeply shaming, and it is the place where I must begin. At this moment and at any moment we have an opportunity to make a difference and commit to change. To do that we need to acknowledge and step into, not away from, our fear and shame. Black Lives will only matter when we as white folk take this step.”