March 15, 2020 OneSpirit Interfaith Minister nominated for Diversity Award

Mar 15, 2020

Our own Reverend Fujo Malaika has been nominated in the Race, Faith & Religion section of the National Diversity Awards 2020! The purpose of the awards it to create and celebrate a new generation of positive role models for the UK, by Celebrating Unity in Society.

2010 was the beginning of Rev Fujo’s journey as a OneSpirit interfaith Minister, complimenting not only vital volunteering work but also allowing her to share, promote and celebrate the importance of diversity, inclusivity and celebrating difference. To promote the human tribe is a beautiful way she chooses to be!

Believing has been a huge part of Rev Fujo’s spiritual journey, and she takes great pleasure in sharing with those she crosses paths with. Serving many different Charities and communities over the years, our minister recognises volunteering is in her blood, and brings her joy to serve another.

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You can also check out Fujo Malaika’s blog post on Interfaith ministers sharing ‘How I Serve’ >>

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