Peace Prayer in a Time of War

Jun 7, 2022

Join me in prayer…

In a country lane

Where bees visit sleepy lavender

The crooning blackbird is pitch-perfect

And the leaves are twirling in the breeze

Join me in prayer

In a laboratory

Where the efficiency of a cluster bomb

Is statistically evaluated

The fruits of its achievements

Are found near our country lane

Where we meet the ghosts of travellers

Children, women and men

Muslim, Jew, Christian and Buddhist

Innocent, each and every one

Join me in prayer

And let us say together


Stop the machinery of war

Those that make arms

Those that use them

Those that give orders to deploy them

Stop them all

This is why we pray together… now

Join me in prayer

For a world where peace

Is utterly irresistible

Where killing machines are an abomination

Where you and I hear the sound of the wind

The birdsong, the buzzing of bees in the lavender

And we know in our hearts

That our prayers have finally been answered

Thank you.

~ Written by OneSpirit Minister, Anthea Ballam

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